Welcome to ISA WENI NGO

Medicine, Art and Culture of Shipibo People

As kids of our ancestors, we feel obligated to defend what is ours by creating a legal institution with legal protection to spread our Indigenous Worldview, our values principles, our art and our traditional medicine.

Why the ISA WENI name?

Isa Weni was a mystic grandfather and master in the handling of medicine plants who taught his disciples in the ancestral knowledge and wisdom.

Who are we?

Our Vision

We are a NGO that wants to be recognized as leader and as a consolidated organization in the matters of Shipibo Culture, formed by members that are committed to the Preservation, Rescue and Promotion of the Shipibo Culture, making a place where the people live with dignity and harmony with their own nature. We are the first Peruvian NGO that promotes the reforestation of  Ayahuasca and other medicine plants of the Amazon Jungle.

Mercedez Karina García Ríos

Jacek Patalas
Consultant Team – Biologist

We believe that at this moment in which Neoliberal Globalization is reaching higher steps in all orders, it results of most high importance to preserve the cultural identity of each and every one of the Indigenous Peoples.

We know that developing cultural projects plays a decisive role in the preservation of the culture of the people, since this propitiates the participation of the different social actors in the transformation of their own reality and external conditionings.

Our Goals

The humanity in this world has a beginning and an end to accomplish their own goals.

The birth of ISA WENI NGO is based in preserving the existence of a culture such as ours, Shipibo Culture, since at this moment is in danger of extinction.

It is imperative the need to preserve, rescue, revive and promote the traditional knowledge of our culture as well as the traditional medicine in order to bring wellbeing both emotional and physical  to the Shipibo People as well as to all of those who want to approach respectfully to our wisdom.

Spreading out

To announce the cultural reality of the Shipibo People to the national and foreign entities in order to create interest in our work of preservation of our culture, traditions, customs, language and medicine plants.


Support of the Shipibo People through projects that reinforce our cultural identity and the sustainable development of our communities by developing campaigns of social awareness.  


Search for people interested in supporting the Shipibo People both economically and with humanitarian and social help. Attract financial help in order to develop and execute projects that can benefit the Shipibo People in our native communities.

Institucional Help

Establish and maintain good relationships with other National Institutions with common interests through organizing mutual activities within the interests of the organization.

Our Work

Our Mision

Our mission is to foster and promote the preservation and the rescue of our Shipibo Culture by participating in the execution and management of strategic projects of Culture and Medicine preservation

At this moment our main projects is the creation of the School of Shipibo Art, where it will be fostered, preserved and reinforced the cultural identity of the boys, girls and youngsters from the different native communities of the region of Ucayali.

Shipibo Art and Culture

We develop activities oriented to sensitizing young Shipibo kids and teenagers in order for them to know the traditions that are part of our Shipibo Cultural identity: handcrafting, singing, dance, painting, language and oral tradition amongst others.

With your help we will be able to build and develop this great Project.

Shipibo Medicine

We foster the culture of reforestation and preservation of species such as Ayahuasca as well as other medicine plants used by the Shipibo Culture. The revaluation and revitalization of identifying ourselves with our roots is vital for the wellbeing and development of our region.

Do you want to help NGO ISA WENI?

Our mission is to foster and promote the preservation and the rescue of our Shipibo Culture by participating in the execution and management of strategic projects of Culture and Medicine preservation.

With your help we can build and develop the School of Shipibo Art to assure the perpetuation of our culture, generation after generation.

Your donation will help us to:

  • Build the School of Shipibo Art on the community lot that has been given for that purpose.
  • Hiring the work force to build and make ready the School of Shipibo Art.
  • Elaborate a curriculum designed with a participative and opened methodology for each offered course.
  • Hiring the proper personnel for the administration of the School as well as the Teachers for the different courses.
  • Obtain the necessary resources to carry on with the workshops: sound equipment, material, musical instruments and others.
  • Develop campaigns of motivation and sensitization in order to catch the interest of the students in regards of the knowledge and practices offered by the School of Shipibo Art ( talk tories, theater presentations, summons, etc).


The School of Shipibo Art will be located in Yarinacocha City, Pucallpa, Peru. Very strategic place due to the great amount of kids both male and female as well as teenagers that come to this city in order to get studies: primary, secondary schools as well as higher grade. These are people that suffer directly the impact of the city life which brings them away from their ancestral communities.

Direct Beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries will be 30 Shipibo kids and teenagers between 6 and 18 years old which come from the different native communities of the Ucayali Region.

Direct Beneficiaries

The parents of the kids that will be hired by the school in order to give their knowledge to the kids through their art, as well as the people around the area, as a way to promote a cultural center that vindicates the ancestral values and may be a place of encounter and dialog to create networks of intercultural relationships to share the ancestral wisdom.